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8 ways TV3 are trying to carve out their future
Don’t mention Corrie around these parts.

TV3 TODAY ANNOUNCED their plan for 2015. Yes, ‘the plan’.

Late last year, UTV announced plans to launch their own Irish regional service, which will see TV3 losing the soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale, as well as Jeremy Kyle, which are all staples of the channel.

CEO David McRedmond says it’s graaand, relax. He decided not to continue paying “exorbitant rates” for the shows and are instead butting it all back into…


1. A soap to call our own

The new soap Red Rock will be Ireland’s first in 15years. Set in a busy fictional coastal town, it will be broadcast twice weekly from January and promises to “represent new Ireland”.

No word on what the inevitable pub will be called yet.

2. Irishifying popular formats

The station have bought the rights to popular Channel 4 reality show Gogglebox which sees people literally watching television, and promise to make an Irish version.


Besides that, will be the usual Great Irish Bake-off, and host Anna Nolan says there’s a “higher rank of people who applied”, who are “much more cut-throat”.

Will we see the first aubergine stabbing?

The Great Irish Bake Off - Group_Biddy White Lennon_Pau Kelly_Anna Nolan (4) TV3 TV3

3. New gameshows

Sitting On A Fortune is a new show which encourages laziness. Right up our street. Contestants play along with puzzles, but when they have to get up, their prize fund stops while their competitor’s goes up. Basically, the worse you do the better your competitor does.

Algorithm is another game-show which poses the question, “does a computer know you better than your family?”

Yes, probably.

4. Selling formats abroad

Keith Barry’s Brainhacker has sold in 76 countries. No, really.

Keith Barry Brainhacker 21 TV3 TV3

5. Sporting all the sports

The juicy rights to the 2015 Rugby World Cup lie in the comforting hands of TV3. Prepare in advance to clear the house for the rugby-fanatic in your life.

6. The lads

Jason Byrne joins the station with a new comedy show, while Donal MacIntyre investigates more things that need investigating. Economist, author and broadcaster David McWilliams is also returning to the station with a new show due out in August.

davidmcwilliamsp Davidmcwilliams Davidmcwilliams

7. The old dominos-accompanied faithfuls remain

Xpose, X Factor, Downton Abbey and Britain’s Got Talent will all be held on to, phew.

There might even be MORE Irish Storms Live, with Collette Fitzpatrick calling it a huge hit, as well as expanding the news from 12.30-1pm. That’s a whole 15 minutes extra of bonus news.

Xposé Group 2013

8. Movies, lots of movies

Deals have been signed with Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers and Fox to air their produce so you can expect a lot more emotional tweet-alongs to Marley and Me.

TV3′s first ever Irish soap is called Red Rock and set on the Dublin coast*>

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