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16 people who have mortifying crushes just like you

Introducing #shamelust.


Shamelust is when you find a celebrity or a fictional character really hot – but it would bring shame upon you if people found out.

People on Twitter were willing to give up theirs, though, and the #shamelust phenomenon was born:

1. This very specific reference

She-s-All-That-1999-shes-all-that-22569873-1706-960 Source: Fanpop

2. Poor Seth Rogen

3. Malcolm in the Middle, not too shameful

4. Harry Potter-themed

5. Old or young version, though?

No shame in that.

6. Ah yes, a young Anthony Michael Hall. Much shame

7. Harsh, but maybe a fair call

8. Even The Wrestler couldn’t save Mickey Rourke from becoming a Shamelust

9. Sean Kingston, still getting all them beaaautiful girls (despite being a Shamelust)

10. It doesn’t even matter if they’re animated, you can still feel the shame

11. No apologies necessary

Packers Seahawks Football Source: Elaine Thompson

12. What is happening here?

13. Ah, Bob’s Burgers

14. This is unforgivable

15. That stare, though

16. This takes a turn to the surreal

Russia Putin Source: AP/Press Association Images


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