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# 00s kids
#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow has taken over Twitter and it's brilliantly nostalgic
Educating today’s kids on what it was like back in the day (well, the early 00s).

TODAY’S KIDS HAVE got plenty of epic technology at their fingertips - but they’re probably unaware of the battles former young people had to go through with fumbling, massive technology and other old school situations.

So, the #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow hashtag blew up on Twitter tonight – perfectly summing up everything that young folk just don’t know about today:

Like this eternal problem

This gaming character

When this was rolled into class

Pure satisfaction

This awful chore

This long lost game

The stupidly addictive Nokia Snake game

So basic.

Memory cards being all over the house

This download screen

The height of technology

You and the whole county knew when this was ringing.

Your own virtual pet

High tech.

When dial up internet ruined your life

The most annoying character in ringtone history

And these snazzy Microsoft Word additions

We can see why some of that technology was best left in the late 90s.

Game of Snake II anyone?

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