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Will your tweets get you fired?

This app can check that out for you…

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EVER TWEETED SOMETHING, then wondered if it might have been… a little unprofessional?

A web app can tell you how likely you are to get fired, based on your recent tweets. (Or at least have a go at it.)

FireMe tracks your Twitter output and gives you a rating out of 100 for how likely you are to get the boot if your boss comes across your personal Twitter.

(For the record, mine was  six per cent. Not bad, but the Pope’s is zero. Apparently I should “watch my language sometimes.”)

It also has a leaderboard of Twitter users who are cruising for a P45 with contributions like these:

FireMe – which divides offending tweets into “Haters”, “Horrible Bosses”, “Sexual Intercourse” and “Potential killers” is an initiative set up by researchers at the University of Hannover.

Last June, they ran a programme that alerted anyone who posted anything compromising by sending them a tweet, the New Scientist reports.

But out of 4304 alerts sent, only 249 resulted in the tweet being deleted.

Check your own score out here

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