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# Fracas
Here's what people are saying for and against Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter
Opinion is divided.

Clarkson suspended PA Wire / Press Association Images PA Wire / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

AS YOU HAVE likely heard, Jeremy Clarkson has found himself at the centre of yet another ‘fracas’. And this time, his behaviour is threatening the future of Top Gear.

The presenter has been suspended by the BBC after allegedly punching a producer after there was no catering at a filming location.

BBC has confirmed that Sunday’s episode of Top Gear will not air with the remaining two episodes also unlikely to air.

The whole thing has set social media alight with everyone and their mother weighing in on the matter. SNeedless to say, opinion is divided.

His daughter has pleaded with the BBC to take him back

And Katie Hopkins has jumped to his defense, obviously

His Top Gear co-presenter James May was pretty nonplussed, though

Once it became clear that the whole thing was about food, some people began to empathise

This girl’s mum was especially sympathetic

And, of course, a #BringBackClarkson hashtag was started

Which led to this…

The petition to reinstate Clarkson, meanwhile, didn’t sit well with everybody

(For the record, nearly 223,000 people have signed it)



This tweet was retweeted 3,680 times

This guy created this jazzy little musical number about the whole thing

The whole fracas inspired this fun game

Special shout out to the word ‘fracas’

Finally, a few suggestions for alternative programming arrangements were made

Something tells us this is far from over.

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