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The final ever episode of Two and a Half Men aired and it was bonkers

Even more so than you would expect.

AFTER CLOSE TO twelve years on the air, Two and a Half Men concluded its run last night with a finale that was far more surreal than you might expect.

The show, which debuted in September 2003, is the biggest sitcom of the 21st century and consistently ranked among the most-watched shows on television.

So, what happened in the last episode? Read on to find out.

(It goes without saying that this contains spoilers.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up

Source: john allen/YouTube

Arnie played a LAPD Lieutenant whose main purpose seemed to be to highlight the absurdity of Two and a Half Men’s premise.

Twelve years ago, your wife kicked you out, and then you and your dumb son moved in with your brother. You lived there eight-and-a-half-years rent-free…

And so on.

There was a brief animated sequence.

To make up for Charlie Sheen’s absence.

Also, remember when Charlie Harper left Two and a Half Men? They explained that.

He was just kept in a dungeon for years by his crazy ex!

Very logical.

They dropped a piano on Charlie Harper’s head

two Source: YouTube

Well, “Charlie Harper”.

But then they dropped one for real on show creator Chuck Lorre’s head.


Right after he turned to camera and said “Winning!” a la Charlie Sheen.

Speaking of Chuck Lorre, this is what he said about Charlie Sheen’s absence from the show.

Ah, that explains it.

Fans are mourning the show’s end.

Although others were quick to point out that it will live on in reruns forever more.

Just when you thought you’d escaped.

RIP, Two and a Half Men.

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