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There are four different 'drunk personalities' according to new research -- which one are you?


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ANYONE WHO ENJOYS a few beverages will tell you that their drunk persona probably differs slightly from their sober persona.

Perhaps you get extremely chatty and touchy-feely after three pints or get a little argumentative once the clock strikes midnight.

Researchers from the Department of Psychological Sciences at University of Missouri Cohave have examined how alcohol affects our personalities and identified four distinct drunk personalities.

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They measured levels of “conscientiousness” and “intellect” in 374 respondents to try ascertain how alcohol affects your personality.

(For the purposes of the research, conscientiousness was defined as being reliable and organised, while intellect referred to the ability to be creative and capable of, you know, understanding what’s happening.)

And here’s what they came up with.


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4 out of 10 people surveyed fell into the Hemingway camp. These people were better able to hold their drink than others and recorded a below average drop in intellect and conscientiousness after drinking.

Basically, these people can nurse whiskeys all night long and still argue about whether or not Kanye West is the greatest rock star alive.

Mary Poppins

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People who fell into this camp generally remained quite sound and pleasant after a few drinks, recording below average decreases in conscientiousness and intellect.

However, they did become louder and more extroverted after consuming a few drinks. Sure, don’t we all?

Mr. Hyde

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The poor Mr. Hydes of the world recorded decreases in both conscientiousness and intellect, and were also deemed to be more disagreeable.

They were among the most likely to get in trouble with the law and experience blackouts from drinking.


The Nutty Professor

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Finally, The Nutty Professor was described as being not terribly extroverted when sober, but getting extremely sociable and extroverted when drunk. Fortunately, they also recoded low decreases in conscientiousness, meaning they aren’t likely to run off on on a night out.

Basically the most likely to “make friends” during a night out and clear the middle of the dancefloor to perform a dance solo to I Gotta Feeling.

All of them sound pretty familiar to us — which one do you relate to?

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