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The 8 types of date every Irish person has been on

Date night!

DATING IN IRELAND isn’t quite like the movies.

1. The non-date

You haven’t explicitly been asked out, but you both know each other and have ended up in an Eddie Rockets and just start going about your day-to-day business, together.

No one is sweeping anybody off their feet, they just kinda slipped up.

Just don’t order the hot dog.

eddies fuse fuse

2. The notions date

They’ve taken some serious notions from watching American rom-coms and teen dramas so have actually booked a table at a posh restaurant and are assuming you’ll be impressed.

They might even bring some flowers too. Can’t cope.

1369381550_34922 Shutterstock Shutterstock

3. Cinema date

Aka the worst date ever. Every Irish teen has been on the cinema date, which essentially wastes two hours of your life building up to a shift. If you survive the mortification of the ‘paying together?’ question, you are rewarded with the opportunity to sit together in a dark room not saying a word to one another. So romantic.

cinemadatebooth bossco bossco

4. The wild try hard

Always consists of something cutesy or adventurous, like something you’d see on the UK version of Take Me Out.  As much as we like the sound of crazy golf or taking a speed boat made of flames down the Liffey, a nice meal will suffice for now. We got dressed up.

skydive flawedartist flawedartist

5. The ‘need-a-date’

Over 26, turning up to a family wedding without a date is like declaring celibacy to your entire family and are DYYYING to be asked about it.

Will you ever meet someone, do you think? How about you, anyone in the picture? Sure we’ll be dead and gone before we see you up there.

Grabbing the nearest breathing human to accompany you is a sure-fire way to avoid these auntie attacks, and sometimes you’ve just got to pay your dues for a friend.


6. Sofa date

The lazy date, suggested by someone definitely not interested in getting to know you over candlelight. ‘Wanna come over and watch a movie?’

They might even order a takeaway if you’re lucky, asking you to go halvos on a family meal deal. Swoon!

new_age_romantic_gestures_640_33 Izismile Izismile

7. The quirky date

A nice balance between the try hard and the notions date. The quirky date will be something like a wine tasting and a new ethnic restaurant you both wanted to try. Maybe a comedy show, a gig. Just keepin’ it sane.


8. No-time for dates date

Date night, do it for the sake of it. Whether it’s the chance to leg it due to a babysitter, or just having completely different schedules, date night is an excuse to do something nice. Your partner being there is just a bonus.

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