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U2 producer says last album was a failure

Steve Lillywhites says No Line on the Horizon “did not recreate the North African ambience it had intended to”. Sorry, what?

THE PRODUCER OF U2′s October and War albums has said that their last album did not achieve what it set out to achieve.

Steve Lillywhite, who worked with U2 on their last album No Line on the Horizon, says in The Irish Times that the album “lacked a big song and did not recreate the North African ambience it had intended to”.

“At the end of the day, the public are always right especially when you have a platform as big as U2,” said Lillywhite, who will speak today at The Music Show in the RDS. “Of course it affects them . They are only human. They put their heart and soul into everything they do, but the sales were not what they expected because they did not have the one song that ignited peoples imaginations.

It’s a pity because the whole idea of Morocco as a big idea was great. When the big idea for U2 is good, that is when they succeed the most, but I don’t think the spirit of what they set out to achieve was translated. Something happened that meant it did not come across on the record.”

No Line on the Horizon, which included the singles Get on Your Boots and Magnificent, got mixed reviews in the press and was the band’s lowest selling album in over a decade.

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