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13 people who just got served up some ice cold revenge

Oh regrets. They’ve got em.

REVENGE IS BEST served cold. Oh so cold.

1. This boyfriend who got his electronics washed

Brings a whole new meaning to bobbing for Apples.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-23-at-9.29.44-AM-620x589 Source: Geekwire

2. This dog owner who pretended to throw the ball ONE too many times

yCeR7NE Source: Imgur

3. The roommate who will spend the rest of their days unwrapping

x5yvR1v Source: Imgur

4. The motorists who don’t give a damn

QfX0CGX Source: Imgur

5. The owner of this car who knocked down this vengeful dog

ikaUoNy Source: Imgur

6. This cat, who just wanted to sit on something warm every evening

7tYF7WC Source: Imgur

7. This town, who should have known who they were messing with

kZI5ZOT Source: Imgur

8. The owner of this horse, who should relax on the hairdressing

ZR4lFy5 Source: Imgur

9. This driver who really needs to show some respect to zebra crossings

dfBP5K6 Source: Imgur

10. The flatmate that tried to get one up

kennys-revenge Source: Lamebook

11. The cheating husband who hopefully doesn’t notice this for a while

c9eUf Source: Imgur

12. The shopaholic girlfriend

uAbY6zU Source: Imgur

13. The boyfriend who has a serious treasure hunt ahead of him

6kF6Asx Source: Imgur

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