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This Irish plumber had the ULTIMATE facepalm moment when fitting his first toilet

Noooooooooooooo, God noooo.

REMEMBER HOW PROUD you felt after doing something right in your first job…?


This apprentice plumber from Northern Ireland just fit his first toilet and he’s only delighted with himself.

A man who appears to be his supervisor, asks him a few questions, but he sounds chuffed.

Well, How did you get on with your first time fitting a toilet?
Ah now not too bad just, just make sure she’s fitted good.
Happy enough with it?
It’s not too bad now.

But there’s one vital mistake.

Warning… bad language within.

Source: dasgood/YouTube

The video was first uploaded in November, but is just going viral today when it was posted on Reddit–to much confusion.

I’m usually okay with understanding these accents, but I can’t understand a word they’re saying!

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