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Definitive proof that umbrellas just don't work in Ireland

Stop with the umbrellas, it’s pointless.

IT’S WET, IT’S windy. Don’t forget the brolly, some might say. Ignore them.

This is what a standard umbrella in Ireland looks like

Bye bye umbrella! Source: indalr

That’s when it even has fabric

BA6QwqoCEAAsNet Source: TheDublinDiary

You know where umbrellas in Ireland end up? The bin

Afaa4vlCEAAemqM Source: Abdul_Muh87

This isn’t a building sign, it’s an umbrella watch sign

The only thing they can be used for is hitting fellow pedestrians out of the way or poking them in the eye

Slotting them into the bin has almost become an art

BIKHhJICYAActPm Source: steveadublin

Like a big game of Tetris.

Basically, umbrellas are not meant for this land



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