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6 of Uncle Phil's angriest moments on the Fresh Prince

RIP James Avery.

ACTOR JAMES AVERY – best known as Uncle Phil – died this week at the age of 65 following complications from surgery.

As Uncle Phil, he dealt out ruthless justice on the home front as well as from the bench. We’ve picked out six of his most irascible moments.

1. Threatening Will and Carlton with death

“I’m a judge. I can make it happen.”


2. Giving Geoffrey the butler a well-earned lesson in how to insult people


3. Throwing Jazz out of the house for scratching his Bach records


4. (And for all kinds of other things)


5. Breaking up the pool party in style


6. And perhaps his finest hour: Busting Will and Carlton out of jail

Gemma Mayes

But he wasn’t *always* angry. Here he is just having a good ol’ Uncle Phil dance.

Jafar Khan

RIP, James Avery.

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