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12 deliciously indulgent shakes you can make in your Nutribullet

Everyone will be coming to your yard… boys, girls, whatever

IF YOU GOT a Nutribullet recently, you’re probably already getting bored of being healthy.

2014-09-12-13.20.37-e1413086949841 Source: The-cookingpot

Make some of these delicious drinks in it instead.

1. Oreo milkshake

With added peanut butter, optional. Just add oreos, icecream, and milk to your bullet and blend until you get a texture you like. Clean eating is just so easy…

2. MnMs milkshake

Oh God, gamechanging.

3. Lucky charms shake

Not specifically made for the Nutribullet, but we imagine it will be amazing all the same. Recipe here.

4840e8fa-1874-4f03-bdad-08a42056c55e Source: generalmills

4. A homemade shamrock shake

Why wait until March? Make your own, and it’s so simple. Recipe.

1002844 Source: Christina via AllRecipes

5. Kinder and magnum shakes


8. Whipped chocolate biscoff milkshake

If you aren’t tempted to just eat the Biscoff spread out of the container, do this. Recipe here.

gdhtHSZf13c223236353230303Or71oqQc_1431331538 Source: tastebook

9. White wedding cake milkshake

We don’t know what ‘wedding cake’ tastes like, but we want to find out. Recipe here.

White-Wedding-Cake-Milkshake-willcookforsmiles.com_ Source: Willcookforsmiles

10. Irish coffee shake

Yeah, give us this, we will drink it all. Recipe here.

51df3139d4a2501c7e00389e Source: fabulousfoods

11. Nutella Irish cream shake

Like the above, only much improved with Nutella. Recipe here.

nutella-irish-cream-milkshake_web-8388 Source: Dinnersdishesanddesserts

12. Skittles milkshake

Chuck in some ice cream, milk, skittles, and blend. Suburb.

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