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13 people to avoid on Friday 13th

Because if anyone’s having bad luck, it’s going to be these guys.

TODAY IS FRIDAY 13th. We hope you haven’t suffered any bad luck yet.

If you want to keep it that way, you should probably avoid all contact with these profoundly unfortunate people. Bad luck is infectious, you know.

1. This guy just trying to make his way to the snack aisle

Source: College Humor

2. This man whose anger took a deeply unfortunate turn

Source: MladenMGINews

3. The talented youngsters with the misfortune to have this guy as a younger brother

Source: Imgur

4. The guy whose job involved going down stairs in an inflatable mascot suit on rollerskates

Source: EverythingInOnePlace

5. This dude whose high-five turned into a nightmare

Source: Cloudfront

6. The child who just happened to be in the path of this giant hurtling sphere

Source: Buzzfeed

7. This kid who was feeling pretty good about his dunk for about a millisecond

Source: Totalprosports

8. The world’s unluckiest pole-vaulter

Source: Buzzhunt

9. This boy who suffered the absolute worst possible outcome

Source: Heavy

10. This young man whose workout went wronger than anyone could have foreseen

Source: 3RandomFails

11. This tragic kid

Source: Reactiongifs

12. Anyone  in the path of this runaway golf cart

Source: Gifbay

13. And the owner of this birthday cake.

Source: Heavy

Unlucky people of the world, we salute you.

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