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13 unlucky people who just can't catch a break

Blame it on Friday the 13th.

IT’S FRIDAY THE 13th. Argh!

Never fear, at least you’re not as unlucky as this lot.

1. The person who got this unspeakable selection of Lucky Charms

55zmHSO Source: Imgur

2. This American footballer who can’t catch a break

aQ3DPqm Source: Imgur

3. A best man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time

FURS8EP Source: Imgur

4. This woman who learned that you should never try to photograph an elephant that close

OLonlTG Source: Imgur

5. This sitcom extra

BaBdFrL Source: Imgur

6. This guy who just wanted to answer nature’s call

ZZmZ596 Source: Imgur

7. This reporter

85FPmx9 Source: Imgur

8. The hungry person who is all of us, at some stage

MONj9v8 Source: Imgur

9. This guy, who shouldn’t have worn cream trousers to the zoo

rltyoId Source: Imgur

10. The poor kid who got the worst seat in the house

dlwpfpv Source: Imgur

11. This dart player

nLXL3 Source: Imgur

12. A skater with extremely bad timing

cgV3bOz Source: Imgur

13. These kids posing for prom photos

4fadf622c98d3.preview-620 Source: Townnews

4fadf6260beba.preview-620 Source: Townnews

A special mention, of course, goes out to the Six One ice slipper. We will never forget you, soldier

Source: evan moran/YouTube

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