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12 unsung heroes of the Irish photocall

Oh, cringe.

IRISH PHOTOCALLS AREN’T all about the models. This lot have had their mark on Irish photocall history too.

1. Mattress Mick, in this Apache shoot

STANDARD, makes so much sense.

90375938 Source: Leon Farrell

2. Whoever photoshopped Roz Purcell’s selfie

HuaweiSnapys1 Source: Brian mcevoy

HuaweiSnapys 4

3. That cow that looks like it has some scores to settle with Dave Kearney

2-NationalDairyWeek_KK-7-5-14-DV Source: Dylan Vaughan

4. The giant chili who went full chili

That dedication, though.

90210110 Source: Sasko Lazarov RollingNews.ie

5. This super serious businessman who is definitely on an important conference call with New York and NOT staring at Nadia Forde’s ass

90273826u Source: Mark Stedman

6. Mr Tayto, as usual

That suave potato gets all the fries.

90296645 Source: Sasko Lazarov RollingNews.ie

Even when looking a bit worse for wear…

90155186 Source: Rollingnews.ie

7. The people holding up these squares of chocolate to perfectly frame Nadia Forde’s face

Tough day on the job.

90189759 Source: Leon Farrell

8. This chipper boss

Here’s a chip and get off that counter.

90177522 Source: Rollingnews.ie

9. The farmer that’s causing this reaction in Georgia Salpa

90257029 Source: Mark Stedman

10.The randomer who had to pretend to get his hair waxed

He just wanted to get a new pair of runners lads wudja LEAVE HIM.

90170395 Source: Rollingnews.ie

11. This pour soul that had to have a lump of butter melt on his pecs

90162594 Source: Sasko Lazarov

12. And finally… this guy, who is totally done with this shite

90155584 Source: James Horan

Dunnes-bag-guy, we salute you.

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