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Vibrating magnetic tattoo could ensure you never miss another phone call
Phonemaker Nokia has applied for a patent for “haptic feedback” tattoos – which would trigger a tingling sensation on the skin to alert a person to a call or text.

FINNISH PHONE MANUFACTURER Nokia has filed a patent for a type of magnetic tattoo technology that would trigger a tingling sensation on a person’s skin to alert them to an incoming phone call or text.

In the filing, the company describes a method of tattooing, stamping or spraying “ferromagnetic” material onto a person’s skin and linking it with a mobile device.

The magnetic marking would used ‘haptic’ – or touch – feedback technology and could be placed on one of various areas of a person’s body – such as an arm, a finger or the abdomen, Unwired View reports.

The filing suggests the technology could be used to communicate a range of alerts to a user, including low battery indication, received message, received call, calendar alert, change of profile, eg based on timing, change of time zone.

According to the application, the mark could also be used a type of “magnetic fingerprint”, or a form of identity check to replace passwords.

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