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Victoria Beckham is not naked in this photo. But she'd probably rather be. Vince Flores/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment
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The Dredge: Naked Victoria Beckham leaves her son MORTO

Scarlet for his ma… All the very best of the day’s dirt.

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt – from the top to the very bottom.

#NAKED SPICE: Victoria Beckham likes to be in the nip. So much so in fact that she works with literally no clothes on. Like, naked.

That’s what she explained to an audience of (baffled?) fashionistas this weekend. Her 14-year-old son Brooklyn was also there, sitting slack-jawed in horror and trying to dissolve into the ground.*

She also acknowledged her… image issues. “Everyone thinks I’m going to be such a cow,” she told the Vogue Festival, adding: “I get it.” (Mirror)

#UNIMAGINATIVE SPICE: While Posh was talking about jigging about in her birthday suit, her partners in Spice Emma Bunton and Mel C went to a fancy dress party.

Who did they dress up as? Why, themselves, of course. Fifteen years ago.

We firmly believe that 37-year-old women should not recreationally hold lollipops.

Twitter/Emma Bunton

#GROSS: Justin Bieber is definitely, definitely shifting Selena Gomez again. How do we know? Because he told us, obviously.

He posted a photo of himself topless and getting a hug from his young missus, who’s fresh from shaking all her lady-parts (really, all of them) in Spring Breakers.

Worse, he did it with the sickbag-inducing caption:

“You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle” – her

Morto for both of them.

In fairness Selena is definitely having second thoughts here. (Instagram)

#MITCHING OFF: Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch isn’t happy with Beyoncé and Andre 3000′s cover of Back to Black for the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

Well, specifically, he’s not happy with Andre 3000. BURN.

In fairness, we’re sort of with him. Judge for yourself:


And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik have got themselves a Scooby Doo bus, because they’re teenagers with more money than God. (Sugarscape)
  • Meanwhile, Harry Styles is dating Rod Stewart’s daughter who is, oh, twice his age or so. (E! Online)
  • Even Chris Brown’s dad doesn’t want him and Rihanna together. (The Sun)
  • Kelly Brook is taking the mickey out of her boyfriend after he got hit by a bus. Harsh. (Mail Online)
  • Georgia Salpa took a picture of her own arse for some reason. (Instagram)

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