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TV3 via Conor Lenihan takes Vincent Browne "full-on" last night on TV3
Video: Lenihan takes Browne down to Chinatown
It was clearly way past a certain government junior minister’s bedtime on TV3 current affairs show last night…

VINCENT BROWNE IS not a man afraid of asking the hard questions. Not all his interviewees appreciate his interrogative style.

Conor Lenihan certainly wasn’t happy at the end of a long day yesterday on Tonight With Vincent Browne on TV3. First Browne put him on the defensive by asking why Lenihan didn’t resign if he had no confidence in the leadership of the Taoiseach.

But it was when Browne accused the Minister for Science and Technology of practicing “self-interest” by not offering his resignation that the little vein on Lenihan’s forehead really started to pop. He told Browne:

It’s easy for you to be cynical and sceptical about the motivation of people who go into public life… I really do resent the kind of sneering insinuation that you’re trying to put to me here tonight.

Cue two minutes of scowls and finger-pointing from Le Lenihan while the other panellists shuffled their papers embarrassedly. Watch here to see the face-off that put a tetchy stamp on the end of what had clearly been a very long day for members of Fianna Fail…

(Thanks to @MikeHogan98fm)