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VIDEO: WWII Kittyhawk fighter plane found in Sahara

Plane which crashed in June 1942 has been found after 70 years in the desert.

Kitthawks flying in formation in 1942.
Kitthawks flying in formation in 1942.
Image: AP/PA File

A WWII-ERA fighter plane has been discovered in striking condition in the Sahara desert.

The plane, believed to have been flown by 24-year-old Royal Air Force pilot Sgt Dennis Copping, was only recently discovered by Police oil worker Jakub Perka after decades in the desert.

It was found some 200 miles from the nearest town.

The Telegraph reports that the plane crashed in June 1942; its instrument panel remains largely intact decades later. Ammunition found at the site has been taken away by the military.

The pilot’s remains have not been found, though it is believed he survived the crash landing because there are signs of a makeshift camp beside the plane.

A search is being planned to comb the nearby area for human remains.

(Video uploaded by biltongbru)

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