16 videos you probably saw people using as their flashboxes on Bebo back in the day

Simpler times.

1. ‘White and Nerdy’ – Weird Al Yankovic

How did anybody ever find this funny? Thank God the nation’s sense of humour developed beyond what it was in the mid 2000s.

2. ‘Perfect’ – Mason vs Princess Superstar

Why were there so many dance songs with people doing exercise in the music videos back then?

3. ‘Ain’t No Party Like An Alcoholic Party’ – Dj Kicken

The only people who cared for this song were 12 year olds, who at very most, had once split a bottle of WKD with mate behind their mam’s back.

4. ‘Fergalicious’ – Fergie

You could stand by this one without being embarrassed.

5. ‘Here’ – Hellogoodbye

Is there any tune that’s more of a throwback to 2007 than this? Simply for the fact that you’ve definitely only heard it a handful of times since you were on Bebo.

6. ‘Here It Goes Again’ – OK Go

God be with the days when this music was the most effort anyone on the internet had gone to in order to get views.

7.  ‘My Lovely Horse’ – Father Ted

That sax solo…

8. ‘Heaven 9/11′ – DJ Sammy ft. Little Girl

What the hell was this? Why did we just accept a DJ Sammy remix of a child talking about their father dying in 9/11 as completely normal?

9. ‘Beautiful Girls’ – Sean Kingston

You would definitely not get away with those lyrics in 2018. And rightly so.

10. ‘Game of Love’ – DJ Zander (with the Tokyo Drift video)

12. ‘Babycakes’ – 3 of a Kind

What an awful, awful video.

13. ‘The Bad Touch’ – Bloodhound Gang

Half of the people who had this on their profile would have gotten in trouble if their mams found out about it.

14. The Landlord

Once again, let’s take a moment to be thankful our sense of humour developed beyond this.

15. Salad Fingers

This is probably exactly where everything went wrong for this generation.

16. Shoes

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