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8 reasons why vintage shopping is a highly stressful activity

The stress.


You compliment someone’s outfit and you ask where they got it. “Oh, I got it in a vintage shop!” they reply.

Vintage shopping has surged in popularity in recent years, with shops opening up left, right and centre, and magazines frequently extolling the virtues of buying vintage.

But it ain’t all peachy. In fact, it can all be a little stressful.

1. The long vintage dresses will break your heart

il_570xN.692183477_nvgn Etsy Etsy

The dresses may be gorgeous, but that’s of no use if you’re vertically challenged and the dresses either sort of drag across the ground or finish at a weird length.

et Imgur Imgur

2. The clothes may smell like someone passed away in them

giphy (9) Reddit Reddit

That blouse you bought? It might smell like some potent combination of auld perfume, dust, cigarette smoke and sweat. So there’s that to deal with.

And if you can’t dry clean them, well…

giphy (8) Giphy Giphy

3. Trying to find something in your size can be near impossible

tumblr_mvpzaq9O141sork4vo1_500 Wordpress Wordpress

Everything is either too small or decidedly roomy, which inevitably leads to…

4. You start tricking yourself into thinking you’ll take clothes in for alterations

shutterstock_225402490 Shutterstock / Khakimullin Aleksandr Shutterstock / Khakimullin Aleksandr / Khakimullin Aleksandr

You find a dress that’s lovely. Upon closer inspection, you realise that the zip is broken or the hem needs fixing. “That’s okay,” you say. “I’ll take it to the dressmaker!”

This despite the fact that you have never taken anything to a dressmaker in your life and you know full well that you never will.

5. You begin to question your own judgment

giphy (10) Tumblr Tumblr

As you scour the racks and fail to find anything, you start wondering if you’re just not imaginative or creative like all these other people who seem to unearth nice things.


emoji5 shelfofmelanie / Wordpress shelfofmelanie / Wordpress / Wordpress

6. Oh, clothes from the 1990s are considered “vintage” now

penneys Etsy Etsy

Oh, it’s vintage, is it? Nearly certain it’s from A-Wear circa 1997.

7. You run the risk of looking like an extra from Neighbours

tv_greatest_80s_shows_16 Digital Spy Digital Spy

“Cool blouse!” you say.

Until you go home and realise it actually looks like a cast-off from Kylie’s wardrobe in the 1980s.


8. In fact, the line between looking stylish and looking like Pat Butcher is perilously thin

pat Eastenders / YouTube Eastenders / YouTube / YouTube


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