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13 technological feelings you'll never feel again

RIP your anguish, frustration and joy.

1. The small joy of an unrewound VHS tape

Source: Steve Bowbrick

2. Genuine anguish when this paper got unthreaded from the printer wheels

Source: mig rod

3. The excitement of these controls

Source: maraid

4. Having your evening movie ruined by tracking lines :( :( :(

Source: YouTube

5. Wondering what this blip was when you turned off the TV

Source: YouTube

6. Trying to carry an old-style monitor, and suddenly discovering how heavy and unwieldy they were

Source: Tim Patterson

7. The pain of this endless wait

Source: YouTube

8. Wanting to punch the Microsoft Word paperclip

Source: Theawesomer

9. The bitter, bitter pain of this

Source: mirandarush

10. And this.

Source: Tumblr

11. The anticipation of a new game on floppy disc

Source: VoxPelli

12. Being a bit fascinated the first time you saw the fish screensaver

Source: YouTube

13. And the strange reassurance of this.

Source: Zero1gaming

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