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The 15 viral videos you guys shared the most in 2014

Hey DailyEdge.ie readers! Here are the vids you liked the most.

THESE ARE THE videos you guys liked the most on DailyEdge.ie in 2014.

Not the ones you clicked on the most – but the ones you watched, and then thought: someone else needs to see this.

It was quite a year. Here in reverse order…

15. Two-year-old’s ice bucket challenge reaction

Source: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge/YouTube

Why it’s great: Two-year-old girl does ice bucket challenge, reacts in most understandable fashion.

14. Entire wedding party falls into lake in slow motion

Source: Reuters/YouTube

Why it’s great: The dawning realisation on their faces as the pier collapses beneath them.

13. Belfast family’s discussion goes horribly wrong

Source: Amber May/YouTube

Why it’s great: Because it’s the most bonkers discussion about how long it takes to get 80 miles at 80mph that has ever existed in the history of the world, ever.

12. How to peel a bag of potatoes in less than a minute

Why it’s great: Genuinely useful tip.

11. Lamborghini crash

Source: Shmee150/YouTube

Why it’s great: Watching rich people do stupid things.

10. Tipperary lad’s Movember parody

Source: dave mess/YouTube

Why it’s great: Because he looks uncannily like the Cadbury’s advert guy, except he’s in a photo lab in Clonmel.

9. Nuns do the ice bucket challenge

Source: darraghdoyle/YouTube

Why it’s great: Because the nuns are completely merciless with each other.

8. Irish mammy commentary on ice bucket challenge

Source: Maura O'Neill/YouTube

Why it’s great: Jesus tis gone! It’s shifted in all directions Eamonn!

7. Irish Ukrainians not Russians

Source: Kolcoenterprises/YouTube

Why it’s great: David McCullagh on glitch.

6. Hero cat saves boy from dog

Source: Roger Triantafilo/YouTube

Why it’s great: Because hero cat! Look at the speed on that thing.

5. Three Irish lads Riverdance their way around the world

Source: Wirld Organisation/YouTube

Why it’s great: Everything about it is great.

4. Irish dad’s reaction to ‘failed’ driving test goes insanely viral

Source: ruairidoc/YouTube

Why it’s great: Because angry Irish dads speak a universal language. “YOU WERE LOOKING INTO THE F***IN COMPUTER!”

3. A day in the life of Dublin with disposable cameras

Source: Capturing Our Capital/YouTube

Why it’s great: Because <3

2. Robin Williams meeting Zig and Zag

Source: doublezwynne/YouTube

Why it’s great: A comedy legend, sadly missed. RIP Robin.

1. Two-year-old getting VERY angry when her Frozen solo was interrupted

Source: gracm8/YouTube


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