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Here are the 6 places you definitely have to visit in Ireland*

*according to Lonely Planet, anyway.


THIS MORNING, LONELY Planet released its top 500 destinations that are a must-see for tourists around the world.

And Ireland got six spots on the esteemed list. Yaye.

So, in descending order of popularity, these are the very best we have:

1. The Giant’s Causeway, Antrim

Causeway-code_poet-4 Source: Wikimedia

Coming in at 103rd best place on the list, the Northern Irish destination is the highest placed location from home on the list.

Sure look at it there. Maybe next year it will break the top 100.

2. Bru na Bóinne, Meath

Bru_na_Boinne_-_Newgrange Source: Wikimedia

The historical home to Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth came in at a respectable 224 on the list.

3. Cliffs of Moher, Clare

Cliffs-Of-Moher-OBriens-From-South Source: Wikimedia

It’s almost surprising to see the iconic cliffs languishing down in the spot of 378, such is their world-renowned beauty. Still, they made it, and the west coast will probably see a load more tourists milling around the visitors centre because of it.

4. Titanic Belfast

Titanic_Belfast_side_view Source: Wikimedia

The only Irish museum to make the list, Titanic Belfast was only opened in 2012, so it’s been a meteoric rise in fortunes.

5. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin Source: timsackton

At number 468 on the list, the College has plenty to offer a potential tourist. Not just The Book of Kells, its Georgian buildings and fine academic tradition – it also has the fanciest and best student bar in the whole land in the Pav. Worthy of inclusion for that alone.

6. The Rock of Cashel, Tipperary

therock Source: Wiki

Just scraping into the list at 497 is the historic Tipperary site in Cashel.

We’re proud of you all. Representing us so well on the international stage like this.

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