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8 of the most basic things people have ever put on their walls

Get away with the quotes.

EVERYONE ENJOYS IT when their home gets a nice spruce up – it just makes the place feel brand new and look so much better.

But there are certain things that should never, ever be put up on your gaff’s walls:

1. This subtle message

2. These pretentious empty frames

wall2 Source: Pinterest

3. This quote… again

livelaughlove Source: Twitter

4. Anything with large-font writing that’s supposed to be inspirational

Photo by Brooke Cox Source: PhotoBucket

5. These rules to live by


6. These words of wisdom

wearereal Source: Twitter

7. Scrabble letters, with a mysterious blank tile

scrabble Source: meshbetter


8. And finally, this quote

breakfast.1 Source: BlogSpot

Please, no more.

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