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Watch: Shoppers brawl over flat-screen TVs in Walmart

And 10 other objects that caused physical fights yesterday.

YESTERDAY WAS Thanksgiving in the US.

The day after Thanksgiving – Black Friday – is when sales traditionally start, and is notorious for crowds and fights.

But some got the party started early. This video was taken on Thanksgiving itself, according to YouTuber SoIDecidedTo – who had posted earlier about returning to his parents’ town in North Carolina for the holidays.

It involves a Walmart, some flat screen TVs, and some very angry bargain hunters.

Source: So IDecidedTo

TVs weren’t the only thing that started fights, either. These objects were also the source of controversy:


Kitchen towels

A George Foreman grill

Children’s gifts




Vacuum cleaner


And vibrators.

Guess they call it Thanksgiving for a reason.

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