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12 warnings that will make you question the intelligence of the human race

That carton of eggs contains eggs, yo.

THERE WAS A time and a reason people made these signs.

God bless us all.

1. Just letting you all know about the purpose of a locked door, guys

weird-sign Source: Webjunk

2. You may think you can use this to clean your shower AND yourself, but you are wrong

warning-fails-12 Source: Smosh

3. Someone actually attempted this, and we say fair play

COJdD0wUYAA8F_5 Source: 1kenwilson24

4. This hanger might look tasty, but unfortunately you cannot eat it

zUKw6xE Source: Imgur

5. Well, UNLESS you want to keep them clean forever and ever of course

0 Source: Ytimg

6. This one is strangely deep

strange_and_funny_warning_signs_05 Source: Acidcow

7. The first thing we’d think of doing tbh

1414746730-0 Source: Neatorama

8. We have all done this once in our lives, so maybe it’s a pass

warning-sign-106 Source: Wordpress

9. I have a peanut allergy but maybe I’ll give this bag of peanuts a lash

Warning-Peanuts-Contain-Peanuts-Warning-Label Source: BlogSpot

10. :(

viagra1-300x225 Source: Lawhaha

… and newborns are not for you.

11. Peanut allergy getting you down? Try these eggs, but please note that they have eggs in them

4-productlabel-fail Source: Thatcaption

12. The London Underground felt the need to put up this sign

COUEocdWoAEc3nV Source: garius

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