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11 warning signs that you'd be a FOOL to ignore

Don’t say you weren’t warned…

IGNORE THESE AT your peril.

1. Which door would you pick?

cWTM9iL Source: Imgur

The goose will win.

2. A+ pun opportunity

Bjmi7 Source: Imgur

3. Seems legit

xYfRU Source: Imgur

4. This one really puts it all in perspective

56QhP4A Source: Imgur

5. OK, we get the idea

Fp2cb1m Source: Imgur

6. We’d rather party with them, to be honest

zAOJH2K Source: Imgur

7. We’ll go around the back

LVvANCc Source: Imgur

Wonder who won?

8. Got it, thieves?

KYDz7k6 Source: Imgur

9. Turn around, go home

kYJLs2g Source: Imgur

Imagine letting off so bad someone had to PRINT A SIGN.

10. A worrying vision of things to come

AtUY1A0 Source: Imgur

11. It’s not just any step, it will kill ALL Y’ALL

eNAeK Source: Imgur

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