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WATCH: Superman takes on the Hulk

Who wins?

COMIC BOOK FAN and amateur animator Mike Habjan has pitted Superman and the Hulk against each other in the ultimate superhero face-off.

The work is part of an ongoing animation project as Habjan tries to learn animation. Videos of the meeting and first fight between Christopher Reeve’s Superman and radiation-generated giant have been watched by millions but Habjan finally uploaded part two this week (he explains the delay is due to the fact he is holding down a full time job on top of his animation endeavours).

Although he says it is far from “polished and finished”, it looks pretty impressive to us.

As a note, Habjan says that his videos are not affiliated with Marvel or DC and they are merely his interpretation on how a fight “could potentially go down”. He has not based it on previous material in comics in which they appear and their powers are not infinite as usually depicted.

Here are his earlier versions from the Mojave Desert

Check out Mike’s YouTube account for more videos>

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