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11 solid reasons why parents should never be messed with

These are ALMOST worse than the wooden spoon. Almost.

PARENTS KNOW BEST, but you don’t always go along with it.

We’d advise that you do. Otherwise, you’ll have THIS to face.


1. Abuse your phone, and your phone will be abused

My friends mom found naked pictures on his little sisters phone…this is the aftermath.


Nz3tpH2 Imgur Imgur

2. Come home late? Not on this dad’s watch

Her face says it all.

We’ve been there, girl.

5G0aAH6 Imgur Imgur

3. The bully becomes the bullied

When a Mom in Murray, Utah found out that her 4th-grade daughter had been bullying another child about her clothes, she came up with a particularly apt form of punishment. She decided to send her own daughter to school in ugly outfits that look like rejects from Little House on the Prairie. The punishment included two different outfits that her daughter had to wear on two different days in a row. You might think it was a bit harsh, but it worked. The child heard other kids picking on her behind her back and told her Mom she wouldn’t do it anymore “because it’s stupid and it’s mean. It hurts them.” Well done, Mom

You didn’t have to mis-match her socks, what are you, an animal?

qMMmQYP Imgur Imgur

4. Arguing, fighting? Whip out the get along shirt

ac520b171136b54286d08bef6cbb7b24 Pinterest Pinterest

5. This dad is especially cruel

That poor future graduate.

small_dads punishment Blameitonthevoices Blameitonthevoices

6. A mum who knows how to use Facebook is a dangerous mum indeed


7. We hope his punishment for bad spelling is just as harsh

funny_punishments_9 Nedhardy Nedhardy

8. Fighting with your little brother? Mammy will make you both slow dance

A heinous punishment that the younger boy seems pretty OK with.

XR2Q48j Imgur Imgur

9. BYE BYE social media

That face :(

ParentingDoneRight-27297 Lolsnaps Lolsnaps

10. All’s fair in love and latecomings

parent-notes-patio Smosh Smosh

11. We hope this never happens, it’s way too harsh

cac2d0f3fdfdc4832845971ebfce55af Pinterest Pinterest

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