Dublin: 9 °C Wednesday 28 October, 2020

16 times the internet perfectly summed up living with the weather in Ireland

When it’s raining and you’ve just got your hair done.

AH IRISH WEATHER. You can’t beat it.

1. So joyous

2. It’s a wonder we aren’t constantly smiling

3. Is that a tear or a droplet of rain?

4. Your mam has the dash down to an art

5. You’ll be inside in no time…

6. Schneeer

7. Grr

8. Bobbins are our one true saviour

9. Take my breathe aaawaaaay

10. Relentless

11. I’m not crying, it was the wind

12. Hold us

13. It only comes like ONCE A YEAR

14. Oh you enjoy it though

15. Why haven’t they got bus blinds yet?

16. Always applicable

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