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The man looking for a wedding plus-one on DoneDeal has had loads of offers

He might just have to “pick the one that knows the most about the cows.”

ON MONDAY, THE news of this Irish man’s quest to find a date for his sister’s wedding on DoneDeal was getting talked about everywhere.

It got so popular that Matt had to update the original ad with a new request. It turns out that his younger sister also needs a date – and Matt is using the limelight for that noble cause:

update Source: Donedeal

UK website Quirker also got in touch with Matt to see how his own search for a date was going. Not surprisingly, the offers are flying in – and Matt has an interesting selection process to whittle them down:

I have had lots of replies a so far by email and by text. I’m starting to think I’ll have to do a night out with them all and pick the one that knows the most about the cows.

He also explained why he put the ad up in the first place, the gas ticket:

The ad’s all really a bit of fun that I think might have got just a little out of hand.
To be honest I didn’t think I would have any answers back so I’m still in shock with it all.

He even added a picture in to the advertisement, so the lucky ladies knew what they were getting:

weddingpartner Source: donedeal

It will be some anecdote to tell at the reception, though, whoever he ends up picking.

Good luck, Matt.

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