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A couple got stuck in a lift on their wedding day... and kept the party going

They even had their own hashtag.

kissickweddings kissickweddings

HAPPY COUPLE Harry Stein and Liz Copeland got married in Alexandria, Virginia last week.

There was just one problem. On the way to their venue at local art center the Torpedo Factory, they got stuck in a lift.

With their entire wedding party. And the wedding planner. And the photographer. And the rabbi. Harry told Fox News:

We go down about two feet and we stop. There wasn’t a crash or anything. We just stop and everyone just kind of looked at each other. I think someone said right when we were getting on, ‘Gee, I hope we don’t get stuck.’

They got stuck. And did they panic?

No, they used the time to take some top-flight selfies, with their wedding photographer Kissick Weddings:

kissickweddings kissickweddings

And called the fire brigade.

And took more selfies when the fire brigade arrived.

And hauled them out one by one.

Impressively, the couple kept their smiles throughout.

kissickweddings kissickweddings

They even had their own hashtag to document the drama: #copestein.

Then, they went and had an ace party.

And luckily, it made for one of the finest local news items of all time.

carol copeland / YouTube

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