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12 wedding dresses that should never have been allowed to happen

Our eyes, our poor eyes.

IT’S YOUR BIG day. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, as these dresses show, everything. Nearly everything can be a nightmare:

1. This desert-themed wedding obviously needed a style to match

Nifitsa2 Source: BlogSpot

2. Blending into the wooded background

2110178920 Source: Cmestatic

3. Flames signify style. They always do

2f5cf0d0f81c00c149313f9712de83d5 Source: Pinimg

4. It’s almost hypnotic

mbfgw1 Source: Wordpress

5. Having your dress light up is always a bonus, right?

sidemedx600 Source: TED

It shows off the, eh, style.

6. It’s hard to know which is worse – the dress or the lifesize bride-cake with the dress on it

ugly/tacky weddings Source: Pinterest

7. Emma Thompson is universally loved, but not for her subtle taste in wedding dresses

Entertainment - Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh Wedding - Cliveden House Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

It was the 90s.

8. The cane is the worst thing here, but the dress holds its own

ugly/tacky weddings Source: Pinterest

9. Please, no

too-little-wedding-dress-2 Source: Wordpress

10. Anthea Turner’s white tights, even for 1990, were too much

PA-263543 (1) Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

11. Somebody should have been on hand to put a stop to this

ugly/tacky weddings Source: Pinterest

12. And finally, what every wedding dress needs… luminous writing

bride_ani1x450 Source: TED

Our eyes, our poor eyes will not recover from this.

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