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8 weird phobias you almost certainly have

Yes, you.

1. Syngenesophobia

The fear of relatives. Who DOESN’T fear their relatives?

2. Didaskaleinophobia

The fear of school, or as some call it, “childhood”.

Flickr/Lucid Nightmare

3. Coulrophobia

The fear of clowns. I mean, come on.


4. Rhypophobia

The fear of defecation. This applies to us all in the office. WHAT IF SOMEONE COMES IN?


5. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Fear of long words. The kind of word you start using to impress someone, and then halfway through realise you can’t remember how to finish it.

Flickr/Eddie Awad

6. Olfactophobia

The fear of smells. Certain smells, anyway.


7. Phengophobia

The fear of daylight. As experienced by all human beings on Saturday mornings.


8. Anatidaephobia

The fear of being watched by a duck.

OK, you didn’t have it before.

But do you have it…. NOW?


Yep, thought so.

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