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Weird Wide Web: the week in online oddities
Some of the internet’s best offerings in social media, tech, science and weird news.

WELCOME TO THE Weird Wide Web – where we take a look at some of the internet’s best offerings in social media, tech, science and weird news.

The tracelet

Aka “key/phone/wallet-finder”: this work-in-progress bracelet slips onto your wrist and logs where you’ve (mis)placed all your essential items by using a JPEG camera to take a picture and store in on a microSD card. Later, if you can’t find something, you can just refer back to your stored images.

Never lose a thingymajiggy again!

Extraterrestrial reality TV?

A Dutch entrepreneur, Bas Lansdorp, has an idea for encouraging investment in his upcoming Mars One project: a media spectacle, the like of which this world has never seen.

The project would essentially be the first extraterrestrial reality show; Nobel Prize winner Professor Gerard ‘t Hooft has predicted that “Big Brother will pale in comparison”.

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It’s a girl thing!

If you believe that concepts like augmented reality and, er, ‘science’ should be sprinkled with glitter in order to be understood by females, it seems you are not alone.

Last week, the European Commission released this cringe-inducing video aimed at encouraging more women to become involved in science – kindly reassuring the fairer sex that science can be useful in the cosmetics and fashion industries. (Phew!)

Meanwhile, Maybelline has harnessed the potential of augmented reality by creating… an app that allows you to try out different shades of nail varnish. Perfect if you have limited imagination and unlimited time.

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Double loop

Calling all Hot Wheels fans: a live recreation of the Hot Wheels double loop is scheduled for 30 June – and will see two drivers simultaneously accelerate around twin 66ft loop-the-loops.

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This new object tactility software by Digitas Labs Paris and Ayotle allows you to interact with an object without ever touching it. Pretty nifty.

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