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Weird Wide Web: the week in online oddities

A round-up of the internet’s best offerings in social media, tech, science and weird news.

WELCOME TO THE Weird Wide Web – where we take a look at some of the internet’s best offerings in social media, tech, science and weird news.

Spies in space

Do you remember Anna Chapman, the Russian spy? (Who, to be fair, seemed to do precious little spying.) Apparently, she’s a woman of many talents. After being kicked out of the US for alleged espionage, she returned to Russia to do fun/terrifying things like sing songs with Vladimir Putin. Better her than us.

However, most recently, she’s left the confines of this world behind and taken to space – well, that’s according to her Twitter stream.

Iran plans a ‘national internet’

Do you like the internet, but find it a little too “free” and “inclusive”? Then you might have more in common than you thought with the Iranian government, which is moving ahead with plans to launch a ‘national internet’ that will block citizens’ access to foreign websites and communication with the outside world.

This new “internet” would include its own search engine to replace the likes of Google (called Ya Haq) and would require citizens to register details with government before being granted access, reports ars technica. Oh – and it’s only for ordinary citizens. Business people and the political elite would still get regular access to the web. Nice.

April Fool’s Day joke turns real

This one may appeal to you if you’re a bit of a gaming nerd… What began as a April Fool’s prank by creative coder Seb Lee-Delisle, who claimed to have built a real-time multiplayer version of the classic Asteroids videogame, caused such a stir that it’s now been turned into reality.

Yes – it’s Massively Multiplayer Asteroids and it’s weirdly addictive, so hit that space bar and start killing triangles like it’s 1979.

Cain’s Arcade

Another arcade-themed story that’s been doing the rounds this week is about a nine-year-old boy called Cain, who built a cardboard arcade inside his father’s used auto parts shop. To say you’ll be impressed by his elaborate constructions and precocious business acumen is an understatement. And the less restrained among you (ahem) may even well-up when a Reddit-organised flashmob shows up to play…

Video by 

Texts from Hillary

A Tumblr blog centred around US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went viral in recent weeks – and it would appear that the great lady herself is among its biggest fans.

The blog – called Texts from Hillary – shows one of the world’s most powerful women texting various badass messages to people like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Gosling. Not one to miss out on the action, Hillary “Hillz” Clinton, sent in her own message to the creators of the blog – and even met with them as a sign of her approval.

Pic via @asmith83

All talk

They may make a living off internet chatter – but how many information social networking executives are personally active in such forums? According to data collated by social software provider, just 10 per cent of CIOs in the world’s top social networking companies participate in social networks.

The Fortune 250 and Global 250 lists looked at during the study revealed that more than one-third of top CIOs either do not have LinkedIn profiles or have profiles with fewer than 100 connections – and just four write blogs, reports TechCrunch.

Reddit user recalls how a jet destroyed her home

It’s not every day you get to post something like this:

Hi my name is Devin and I’m 21 years old. I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around what has happened. Who thinks they’re gonna wake up one morning then have their house destroyed by a jet??

… but that’s because it’s not every day a fighter-jet crashes into your home, obliterating almost everything in its path . Thankfully.

Reddit user DevinJet gave a blow-by-blow account on the site of how her home was destroyed this week – an accident in which, incredibly, nobody was killed.

Image via imgur

Sitting in silence with Johnny Depp

Best ever interview with Johnny Depp.

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