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7 heartwarming Irish Christmas homecoming moments

So much screaming.

IN PREPARATION FOR the inevitable influx of heartwarming homecoming videos, we’ve rounded up some of the best.

1. We begin at the airport, where this nanny met her new baby granddaughter


It’s definitely worth watching the full video of grandmother Rosemary Moriarty meeting little Esmé.

Video / YouTube

2. When this Limerick woman surprised her family with some excellent news

Carmel O’Connor’s family met her at the airport coming home from Australia after four years… they weren’t expecting her to be home for good.



3. Of course, this moment at Dublin airport, for the lols

And it was all caught on camera by tv3.

MrLOLVideo / YouTube

4. This son surprising his mammy

Bryan Greig travelled from Boston where he had been studying for four months to surprise his mammy and give her a scare.

He documented the whole journey home, before speaking to his mam on Skype.


Until she recognised the garden


Then he jumped out of a box and scaring his little sister sh*tless


5. This lad from Wicklow who surprised his mam in the most Irish son way possible

He just got back from Alberta, throw on a cup of scald!


Full video here.

6. This guy got a slap from his sister when he surprised her outside BTs

Full video here.


7. And this Belfast lad who came all the way home from Australia to have his mam ask the most mam question ever / YouTube

How did you get home?

This absolute chancer of a student sent this email the night before his exam>

This lad perfectly captured the pure misery of being a third wheel>