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PIC: Restaurant gives mum discount for 'well behaved kids'

The restaurant’s owner said he gave money off, as loud children can “upset other patrons”.

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LAURA KING GOT an unexpected bonus after dinner at a local restaurant in Poulsbo, Washington – money off for her kids’ good behaviour.

It wasn’t until King got home that that she noticed a $4 “well behaved kids” discount on her receipt to cover the dessert. A friend posted a picture of the receipt on Reddit, and the story took off.

“The server said staff didn’t even know there were kids at the table,” said King, whose children are 2, 3, and 8 years old.

Sogno di Vino owner Rob Scott said waiting staff have the discretion to offer a discount to customers, adding that this wasn’t the first time well-behaved kids have been rewarded. What was different this time was that one of the staffers wrote it out in the receipt.

“It was just an act of kindness,” Scott said.

Laura King, her partner, and her well-behaved children (AP Photo)

Rowdy children are an issue all restaurant customers have encountered at one point or another, Scott said.

“You can tell when a (family) had a rough ride to the restaurant,” Scott said. “There tends to be sometimes activities where children get out of the chair or stand on chairs or get loud, as they get loud, it upsets other patrons, and they paid for a baby sitter.”

Scott said he’s been asked if he would charge more to customers who have unruly children. That’s not something he does, he said.

“Everybody in my generation was raised to behave in restaurants,” he said. “That parenting skills have been forgotten in some cases.”

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