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# Westboro Baptist Church

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# Take a Break
Watch Foo Fighters 'rickroll' Westboro Baptist Church
Take a break and watch The Foo Fighters be absolute legends.
# rick rolled
Foo Fighters trolled Westboro Baptist Church in the most perfect way imaginable
# ok lads
"You Irish people are in for a whooping": The Westboro Baptist Church on the same-sex marriage referendum
Steve Drain, a representative for the church had some strong words for Anton Savage today.
# bigot burn
JK Rowling wonderfully defended Ireland against the Westboro Baptist Church
Yaaaaas queen.
# God Hates Flags
The Westboro Baptist Church thinks "God Hates Ireland" after yesterday - but they got our flag wrong
Scarlet for them.
# riyadh khalaf
This gay Irish guy called up the Westboro Baptist Church for life advice
Shirley Phelps left homophobic comments on YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf’s videos, so he rang her to ask why.
# Sorry
Lorde fans hit back at Westboro Baptist protest with sympathetic banner
The Church’s Lorde picket was the first since the death of leader Fred Phelps
Column: Fred Phelps’ hateful legacy is a gift to freedom and democracy
Many people loathed the Westboro Baptist Church’s message, but the USA rightfully protected their right to be seen and heard, writes Aaron McKenna.
# Westboro Baptist Church
Did the Empire State Building wear a rainbow flag after Fred Phelps' death?
There’s speculation that the building sent a message about the anti-homosexuality pastor.
# Death
Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, has died
The controversial church leader died at the age of 84.
# Punk Band Porn
Punk band shoots porn film on the grounds of Westboro Baptist Church
Westboro Baptist Church gets more than it bargained for…
# dance off
Westboro Baptist protest destroyed... by Ke$ha's backing dancers
This is a wonderful thing.
# sitdown sunday
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.
# god hates...
VIDEO: Russell Brand takes on the Westboro Baptist Church
In case you missed it…
# Joe Paterno
Westboro Baptist Church to picket Paterno funeral
Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who died last Sunday, will be buried in a private funeral today.
# Foo Fighters
Watch: Foo Fighters organise Westboro Baptist Church counter-protest
The US band heard that the controversial church members were coming to picket their show, so they organised a very special performance…
# liz taylor
Elizabeth Taylor was fashionably late for her own funeral
Colin Farrell recited a poem as Taylor was laid to rest in the same cemetery as her good friend Michael Jackson.
# United States
'God hates fags' family face Supreme Court action
The infamous Phelps family of the Westboro Baptist Church are brought to court over protests at military funerals.