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This gay Irish guy called up the Westboro Baptist Church for life advice

Shirley Phelps left homophobic comments on YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf’s videos, so he rang her to ask why.

THIS IS IRISH YouTuber/radio personality Riyadh Khalaf. You might remember him from that time he allowed his mum to read through all his Grindr messages:


After the Grindr video went viral, Khalaf received some attention from Shirley Phelps of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. He says she used homophobic slurs “41 times over the course of one week” in comments on his YouTube videos.

So he decided to call up the Westboro Baptist Church and see exactly where he was going wrong in life, according to them. In this video, he asks Shirley (who he delightfully refers to as ‘hun’) how he could get into heaven:

Source: Riyadh K/YouTube

Hey Shirley, how are ya babe? If I burn all of my Lady Gaga CDs, will that get me into heaven? If I get a job as a mechanic, plumber, carpenter – Jesus was a carpenter! What if I promise to wear this hideous workman trousers for the rest of my life?

Something must be said about Riyadh’s commitment to the Irish Phone Goodbye, even when confronting the most notorious homophobes in the world:


Riyadh is still awaiting Shirley’s response to his pressing questions. Watch this space.

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