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STOP EVERYTHING! You NEED to see these Westlife photos immediately!

Our main regret in life is that we did not see these rig-outs in person.

AH, WESTLIFE.  IT’S been fifteen years since the creation of the band (more on that later on today), so we couldn’t help but spend some time thinking back over the good times we’ve had with the lads.

Lots of memories come to mind, but one set of photos in particular have a certain je ne sais quoi.

The photos where Nicky is dressed like Elvis and the rest of the band are dressed like The Beatles, to be precise.

Look at them!  Look at Bryan!

All Action Pictures Ltd /EMPICS Entertainment

Alas, we have very few details on how these outfits came to pass, other than that they are from a ‘Westlife party’ in 1999.

What is clear is that they were having a great laugh!

All Action Pictures Ltd /EMPICS Entertainment

Look!  Even Bertie Ahern was there!

All Action Pictures Ltd /EMPICS Entertainment

Sure it's not like he had anything better to be doing, eh?

What a night it must have been.  Those were the days!

Who used to have Billy Roll sandwiches for their big lunch?>

Girl falls face first into festival portaloo>