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Explainer: What is the 'pass out challenge'?

Doctors are warning teenagers not to try the dangerous challenge.

AFTER A YEAR of Neknominations and fire challenges, yet another dangerous craze is taking over the internet and being widely embraced by teenagers.

Introducing the “pass out challenge”.

What is it?

Variously referred to as “the choking game”, “American Dream”, “Indian Dream” or “space monkey”, the challenge essentially involves teenagers strangling or choking themselves until they reach a state of unconsciousness.

And, of course, it is filmed and uploaded to sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and YouTube.

The videos typically depict one friend applying pressure to a person’s chest, while another holds the person’s nose until he/she slumps and becomes unconscious.

passoutchallenge1 Source: Vine

passoutchallenge2 Source: YouTube

TL;DR: it’s insanely dangerous.

When did the craze emerge?

The craze is not new.

In fact, deaths resulting from the dangerous practice have been reported as far back as 2005. In 2012, a 15-year-old boy died after partaking in the challenge.

However, it’s regaining momentum thanks to social media.

Has it reached Ireland?

Apparently, so.

Yesterday, a listener e-mailed Cork 96FM’s Opinion Line to state that she had discovered videos on her son’s phone of Irish teenagers participating in the craze. And according to The Irish Mirror, schools in Belfast have distributed letters to parents alerting them of the craze.

And what’s this about a movie?

Oh yes. US broadcaster Lifetime aired a film about the craze entitled “The Choking Game”.

Source: filmsinfocus/YouTube

It starred Roz from Frasier.



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