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6 things you can actually cook with Tesco’s hottest chilli

Are you brave enough…?

TESCO ARE BRINGING the hottest commercially grown chilli to Ireland and they are SERIOUSLY HOT.

But, what can you actually make out of the Komodo Dragon Chilli?

Some suggestions…

1. Komodo Dragon Chicken Wings Marinade

Substitute the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chilli for the Komodo Dragon and blow the heads off your mates. Recipe here.

recipeClub-ghostPepperBuffaloSauce-5jan15 Napoleongrills Napoleongrills

2. Roasted Tomato Pepper Prawn Soup with Komodo Dragons

This original recipe is made with the King Nagas, aka Ghost Pepper, which is a similar heat to the Komodo Dragon and easily substituted. It’s bound to blow your head off, so be careful. Recipe here.

Roasted-Tomato-Pepper-Prawn-King-Naga-Soup Chilipeppermadness Chilipeppermadness

3. Komodo Chilli Vodka

Can you even imagine the rotten hangover? Don’t imagine it, make this chilli vodka, which is about the most evil thing you could possibly do.

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4. Super-hot Sriracha

Again, substitute the ghost pepper and make a salsa that nobody will ever forget. Well, at least not for a few hours afterwards. Recipe here.

3119c7be2ab58173062c39c6b8c72ed7_L Chilipeppermadness Chilipeppermadness

5. Fire Salsa

Use gloves when you’re making this… use gloves when you’re dipping into it. Just use gloves. Recipe here, if you dare.

20090416-firesalsa Seriouseats Seriouseats

6. The hottest ever hot sauce

But it on your burritos, chicken, salads, whatever. Just expect to suffer the consequences. Recipe here.

Ghost-Hot-Chili-Sauce Jeanetteshealthyliving Jeanetteshealthyliving

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