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This man asked his wife to draw a picture of what was on her mind

And the result is so good.

WHEN REDDIT USER bpwwhirl - real name Stephen – asked his wife earlier in the week to draw him a picture of what was on her mind, she produced this:

onmymind Source: Imgur

It featured a complex map of what she was thinking about – and the whole internet loves it

onmymind2 Source: Imgur

It jumps from insecurities

onmymind2 Source: Imgur

To the best and worst of her little ones

onmymind3 Source: Imgur

When Stephen uploaded it to Reddit on Monday, it exploded in popularity – with over 2 million views on Imgur already.

It covers the romantic side of life, too

onmymind4 Source: Imgur

“I would kick a puppy for some peace + quiet”

onmymind5 Source: Imgur

And that dirt under the fridge is now worrying millions of people.

And thanks to the response it has received, Stephen and his wife know they are not alone

2yearsago Source: Imgur

Where IS that thing from 2 years ago, though?

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