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Say what?

What word has just been redefined by the Oxford English Dictionary?

And it will never be the same again.

THE OXFORD ENGLISH Dictionary, the head honchos around here when it comes to official definitions and whatnot, have redefined the word “tweet”.

Well, not so much redefined – it does still mean the chirp of a small bird, don’t worry – but they’ve added a whole new meaning. Tweet in noun form now also means “a posting made on the social networking service Twitter.”

And you’ll all be very happy to know that the OED also gave us our long-awaited intransitive: “To make a posting on the social networking service Twitter. Also: to use Twitter regularly or habitually.”

There is also a transitive form, in case you were concerned: “To post (a message, item of information, etc.) on Twitter. Also: to post a message to (a particular person, organization, etc.).”

So it seems that Twitter and tweeting have gained an official foothold in our dictionaries – and, of course, in our hearts. Now all we need are some definitions for people who overuse hashtags, claim their views as their own and post terrible pictures of their breakfasts. Tweet tweet.

H/T The Daily Dot

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