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Mission Impossible?

When Enda met Jose: the Hollywood version

Fine Gael’s official video of Kenny and Noonan’s meeting with Jose Manuel Barroso takes on a Mission: Impossible feel.

ENDA KENNY’S visit to Brussels last week to meet with European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso has already been given enough coverage here and elsewhere – but here’s a take on it you may not have seen before now.

A reader (thank you) tips us off to this official video on the official FineGaelMedia YouTube account, posted on Friday – just hours after the meeting between Kenny, his finance spokesperson Michael Noonan, and Barosso wrapped up.

As you’ll hear if you have speakers (turn them down, by the way – the sound is quite loud), Fine Gael HQ has given the video a slightly Hollywood twist.

Don’t forget to skip forward to 3m16 in, to catch the big ending – and a glaring typo – too.

Here, by comparison, is the slightly more demure version of the video released by the European People’s Party, the European umbrella party to which both Fine Gael and Barroso’s Social Democratic Party belong.

Update, 12:55: Suzy Byrne – and now commenter Colm King – advise us that the idea for the video is an apparent homage/plagiarism of Colm’s own video that he posted to YouTube two weeks ago after Fine Gael’s website was hacked: