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Where are all the attractive men?

Stockholm, says Travelers Digest.

STOCKHOLM IS HOME to the world’s best looking men.

That is according to Travelers Digest which has published what it believes to be the definitive list of the top ten cities with the most attractive men.

Unfortunately, Dublin did not make the list. Either did Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny or Waterford. Sorry guys.

Here is the top 10:

Where are all the attractive men?
1 / 10
  • 10. Tel Aviv

  • 9. Milan

  • 8. Berlin

  • 7. Madrid

  • 6. Sydney

  • 5. Buenos Aires

  • 4. Lisbon

  • 3. Amsterdam

  • 2. New York City

  • 1. Stockholm

For those men out there about to cry foul, the travel magazine has also published a corresponding list of where the hottest women in the world can be found. And, yes, the writers say they are aware it could be perceived as chauvinistic.

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